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“Living Love is a portal to everything you desire.”

Living L.O.V.E. Teachings & Technology

22 Universal Laws

The Universal Laws are the living principles of life, love and all creation. They are universal because they apply to all existence.
When we live according to these principles - in words, thoughts and
actions, we live with the currents of life & the Universe and not against.

13 Universal Portals

The Universal Portals are special monthly dates (1.1., 2.2., 3.3., 4.4. ect.) when we can receive an immense support from the Universe – in the form of teachings & technology, motivating and inspiring us to live more consciously and creatively by following the ‘Rythms of the Universe ‘ or so called ‘Universal Seasons’.

Unique & Revolutionary Living L.O.V.E. Method

The LIVING L.O.V.E. method is a fruit of 25 years of research, study and professional experience.
It is taking you through 4 fundamental steps of learning, practicing, validating & experiencing each universal law / universal portal that you are then able to further express, expand and excel at.

Love & Unity Grid Technology

The Love & Unity Grid is the most developed geometrical structure comprehending 915 times the golden number. The golden number is a mathematical perfection of life: wherever there is  a golden number, there is harmony and peace. This grid supports you so you can become one with your true Self.

Living L.O.V.E. Teachings & Technology is for You:

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    If you want to remember who you truly are and why you are here.

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    If you want to manifest and action your unique identity and purpose in conscious, creative, loving & abundant ways and be a gift of living love to everybody who meets you or shares life with you.

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    If you want to learn, practice, experience and expand your true connection to your Self, other people, life and the Universe, in a practical, holistic & efficient Living L.O.V.E. method and with a loving, dedicated & experienced teacher.

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    If you wish to live, co-create and bring living love, peace and unity consciousness into your life and in the lives of others, for the greatest good of humanity, Mother Earth and all life.

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    If you want to live love and love your life to the fullest of your possibilities and potentials, according to your unique soul blueprint, with the support of your Universal Self, the Universe and the ‘Universal Seasons’.

Unique & Revolutionary Living L.O.V.E. Method

L. = LEARN the teachings

O. = OBEY (PRACTICE) the technology

V. = VALUE, VALIDATE your journey


  • L.


  • O.


  • V.


  • E.


The Living L.O.V.E. method is taking you on a thoughtful yet adventurous journey through each universal law and/or each universal portal in 4 Living L.O.V.E. steps.

With each step, you will know and rise in love with your Self and with life, more and more.
With each step, you will become that love, that law, that portal in action.


Living L.O.V.E. Teachings & Technology

Created from the perspective of love

by Katarina

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    Author of Living L.O.V.E. Teachings & Technology

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    Author & teacher of Universal Laws & Universal Portals

  • Living-Love-Simbol-02-01

    Teacher of Diamond Earth Love & Unity Grid Technology

  • Living-Love-Simbol-02-01

    KRI certified kundalini yoga teacher

  • Living-Love-Simbol-02-01

    Your Love & Life Coach for more living love in all areas of your life

Love Back

- what people love about Katarina and her work

Cathy, France

"Katarina is a beautiful person that I had a great chance to meet on my road. A person that brought a lot to me, with her unique channellings and healings and...

Anita, Slovenia

"I met Katarina in 2012 and with her I stepped on my spiritual path. She caught my attention with her unconditionally motherly nourishing love, with her...

Lija, Slovenia

"Katarina is an incredible woman. I met her when my family went through difficult times because of an illness and I asked her for help. Katarina’s approaches...

Ksenija, Slovenia

"Dear Katarina- a shining, loving, gentle, mystical bringer of universal truths. Your workshops and channellings were my way to go back to myself. And you...

Ksenja, Slovenia

"Dear Katarina, a shining, loving, gentle, mystical, bringer of universal truths. Your workshops and channellings were my way to go....

Zena, Slovenia

"Dear Katarina, thank you for your great devotion to teaching and giving, for your warm heartedness, for your courage that you follow the...

More about LIVING L.O.V.E. Teachings & Technology :

  • Living-Love-MiniSymbol-01

    are a fruit of 25 years of research, study & professional experience, prepared by Katarina, with love, care & purpose.

  • Living-Love-MiniSymbol-01

    are bringing long forgotten knowledge about the universal laws & their universal principles of life that govern all universe, all creation & all life.

  • Living-Love-MiniSymbol-01

    represent the self-empowering teachings and technology in a unique and revolutionary living L.O.V.E. Method.

  • Living-Love-MiniSymbol-01

    are holistically and strategically designed to walk you safely, consciously & creatively towards your next best version of your true Self.

  • Living-Love-MiniSymbol-01

    are made to empower you individually and as a unity of a greater whole.

  • Living-Love-MiniSymbol-01

    include also 5000 years old kundalini yoga teachings & technology and many ancient and modern self-empowering practices & techniques.

  • Living-Love-MiniSymbol-01

    are for every-body regardless your age, gender, level of knowledge or consciousness.

  • Living-Love-MiniSymbol-01

    have changed the lives of many people across the globe for the better & forever.

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    are now available globally, in 3 languages.