Katarina Marinč

Teacher, Author, Channel

“Living Love is a portal to everything you desire.”



my name is Katarina Marinč.

I'm a teacher, author and a channel.

Teaching, writing, and channeling has been my life's long love, passion and creativity and also my life’s long service work, vision and mission.

It will be my greatest privilege and great honor to be of service to you with my knowledge, wisdom and intuition.

Together, and with Love, we can make miracles.

With Living Love and Humility,


Katarina's teaching, writing and channelling journey


Teaching for 25 Years


Teacher & Author of 22 Universal Laws


Teacher & Author of 13 Universal Portals


Author of Living L.O.V.E Method


Love & Unity Grid Technology Teacher


Certified KRI Kundalini Yoga Teacher

Love Back

- what people love about Katarina and her work

Tanja, Slovenia

"Dear Katarina, you are amazing. You are a phenomenon of light. I know you for many many years now years now and you were the first person that I could confess to, to...

Eve, France

"Katarina came into my life in a very difficult period. She is a gifted and skilled channel and healer who accompanied and helped me focus on the good...

Chantal, Mauritius

"Katarina is a walking encyclopaedia, with an extensive knowledge about how to approach to life and a variety of life’s situations. As a woman, she encouraged...

Maja, Slovenia

"Katarina has been inspiring me with her work and workshops for more than a decade. She has been helping me connect to the the universal truths of existence...

Lucy, Slovenia

"Katarina has an incredible ability to see in a human being his/her essence and a gentle nucleus which she treats as the greatest treasure. Being, learning...

Zena, Slovenia

"Dear Katarina, the meetings with you were for me always the Heaven on Earth. Deep teachings and wisdom that you were sharing during...

My Journey to My Self

“Life is a journey from self to Self.“
- Rumi

Choosing Your True Destiny.

Life is a journey, a precious gift given to us and it is up to us how we will live it and how we will journey through it. I believe that we all have within us an enormous strength, power and potential to re-direct consciously our journey towards our true destiny and out of our past and life’s stories conditioning.

We all had good, good enough, better, not so good or not good at all environments that we were born into, educated in, growing and learning, as children and later as adults.

But no matter what kind of situations and stories we lived, there comes a time in life to start letting our stories go completely free and start creating a whole new fresh start from a whole new foundation based on who we truly are: on our baggage-free, stories-free,  suffering-free, lack -free, conditional love-free, true, innocent, prosperous and living love Selves.

What we missed most in our lives, we are most probably here to give to others.

My more conscious journey to more of My Self, to who I truly am and why I am here, started when I was 21 when I lost the most precious and loved person in my life. When I was 30, I seriously lost my health and this shook the very foundations of my life again. I sadly realized that I never really lived my life and that I only knew how to live for others… Little did I know at that time that the love I received from this precious person would help me survive the most difficult times and would help me find again my proper source of love within my Self from which I would be able to give fully and unconditionally a caring and motherly love to many I would meet…

Life becomes a mastery, especially when I let go of my-story.

My journey of letting go the story of me, of going back to health, and towards more of my Self asked of me a whole new dimension of awareness, commitment, perseverance, faith, courage and inner strength. It was a journey of healing deep childhood wounds, of great forgiveness, of humble gratitude for all life and an ongoing process of embracing courageously my sensitive nature and my special gifts. It was a journey of letting go of my story, my mother’s story, my family’s story, my country’s story... Little did I know that very soon I would help many people let go of their stories and find their health, their happiness, their path of life as I found mine…

The teachings come when the student is ready.

There were several turning points in my healing journey and one of them was when I started to learn about the Universal Laws – the universal principles of life that govern all life, all creation, all Universe. These laws are there to support and sustain us all but most of humanity doesn’t know them and very often, unintentionally, we live against them. It’s like using a certain machine in the opposite way that the instruction manual is guiding us to use it… Little did I know then that one day I would channel and teach the Universal Laws teachings and what great changes and even miracles I would co-create in my life by living according to these laws...

A Living Love as a Way of Life.

And if you journeyed a little bit through my website, you probably already guessed what has always guided me all the way up to here and now: it was, it is and it will always be LOVE. A LIVING LOVE – the unconditional love that is lived, actioned, cherished and shared. Without love, nothing real can happen. If I don’t put love into forgiveness, I cannot forgive. A marriage without love is just a marriage on a paper. A house built without love is just walls, never a home, and these are just some simple examples from life.

Why LOVE is the key to live our victorious, creative and prosperous lives,  to be in service to our true Selves, the Selves in others, to humanity and to our home the Earth, is a key theme of the Living Love Teachings & Technology, a fruit of 25 years of work, research and experience.

My Leap of Living Love.

The last 2 years I spent writing and channelling the 22 Universal Laws and 13 Universal Portals and giving birth to the Living L.O.V.E. method. This journey was not always comfortable,  especially because like many journeys, I couldn’t know where exactly I went to, what would I do with all this knowledge, how long would this journey take and what luggage (or even old knowledge) would I need to drop on the way ;). A part of me still wanted to stay in a comfort zone of ‘helping enough people’ and not wanting to expose my Self  to help more people. Yet my true Self - my true identity won and here I am - as a founder, author, teacher and channel of the Living Love Teachings & Technology doing my personal and professional ‘Leap of Living Love’ to help you, support you, motivate you and inspire you on your journey towards more of your Self. It will be my greatest privilege and great honor to be of service to you with my knowledge, wisdom and intuition.

Together, and with Love, we can make miracles.

With Living Love and Humility,